Private healthcare data will be integrated with NHS systems – what does this mean for providers?

Demands on private healthcare providers to submit patient activity data to PHIN are set to increase as records are integrated with NHS systems and standards for the first time.

The ADAPt initiative (Acute Data Alignment Programme), launched in June 2018, will see integration of private healthcare data with the NHS in England to improve visibility, quality and consistency of records across the healthcare system.

Currently, every private healthcare provider in the UK—whether an independent hospital, cosmetic clinic or NHS Private Patient Unit (PPU)—must submit detailed, quarterly data on every episode of privately-funded care to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN). The ADAPt programme, a joint initiative between PHIN and NHS Digital, will increase pressure on the publication of the information mandated by the CMA during phase 1.

Sarah Wilkinson, NHS Digital Chief Executive, said: “Integrating data from private suppliers into NHS systems will improve the completeness of records for patients whose care is split across private and NHS providers. This will improve safety, efficacy and convenience for these patients. In addition, it will provide insights into patient outcomes in the private sector and how they compare to the NHS. These insights will help increase standards of care in both sectors.”

PHIN currently uses private healthcare providers’ data to publish 11 performance measures on its website, at hospital and consultant level. These include patient numbers, length of stay, adverse events, mortality and Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

Private providers who do not submit their data on time—or at the required standard—are subject to legal and reputational consequences.

Monmouth provides a full range of support to independent providers to meet their PHIN data submission requirements. From a fully-managed service to backlog support, training and advice, we ensure that providers avoid any adverse consequences of missing CMA deadlines. To find out more, please contact James Larke, or 07809230594.

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